Hello! This is my first blog post, introducing my first novel The Shadowed Path.

In this small-town, cat and mouse suspense story set in the Pacific Northwest,  Jessie Cavendish tries to solve her brother Michael’s murder. She needs help from his former boss, who finds her sassy style and sexy tomboy looks a challenge to his cynical, disciplined beliefs.  As they risk their lives battling an unseen foe, he learns that her trademark toughness covers scars as deep as his own.

The name Michael is a humble nod to that writer who so inspired me:  Mary Stewart.  To those who haven’t read her books:  do!  She won critical acclaim for her best-selling romantic suspense books, including My Brother Michael, The Moonspinners and Nine Coaches Waiting.  Later in her career, she delved into Arthurian legend and fantasy, producing a trilogy known as The Merlin Chronicles.

I just Googled her book My Brother Michael and discovered a fascinating blog titled Mary Queen of Plots.  It turns out that the theme in My Brother Michael is “No Man is an Island”.  That’s the theme for The Shadowed Path… the similarities end there but I wonder if my ‘writing brain’ somehow held the ideas close for decades.

I plan to post on various topics, beginning with the lives of some interesting women from the past.

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