The Creative Journey

rock paintings of ancient people, showing a hunt for wild animals

My last post about Mary Delany has made me think about creativity in general and creative block in particular.

It appears that Mary, during the dark years of her first marriage, didn’t completely abandon her creativity.  When she was forced to nurse and read to her ailing husband, she continued to sew and paint, if to a lesser degree.

When widowhood brought her freedom, she continued on her creative journey, enlightened and emboldened by friends.  She followed artistic and scientific interests.  When she re-married she began to flourish.  Only when she was widowed again did she begin her true life’s work, a combination of art and science, at 72.

Creativity really is a lifelong journey.  And what is creativity anyhow?

When I think of the creative spark in friends and family I see inspiration in each one, though manifested in different ways.  I’ll endeavour to showcase them in the future.  There are artists and musicians in the circle.  There are a few who don’t believe they’re creative, but I see they are.  Imagination is resplendent in their gardens, their work, their appealing homes and their cooking, or even the parties they throw.  Or they’re comedians!

For my own part, I always wrote.  And I gardened and baked.  Then I abandoned my stories for years.

Creative block

So what happens when creativity is ‘blocked’?   There can be many reasons:  in my case a paralytic combination of a relationship ending, financial struggle and plain old fear.  But my characters and their stories stayed in my mind.  I would re-start and quit, time after time.

How does your creativity express itself?  Have you experienced creative block?  Send me a note and let me know!