Living on Vancouver Island or the ‘Wet Coast’ as I do, it’s no surprise that rain features in my stories.  People who read my upcoming books are going to notice a common thread – a lot of bad weather.  A critique group partner once said, shivering, “Gawd, can you write rain.  I feel like I’m… Continue reading Rain

The Creative Cauldron

“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.” – Edward Allan Poe I’ve been on hiatus from my current completed manuscript.  In my little world, this is necessary.  I need to take a complete break from it and get busy with something else.  So busy that I stop thinking about my characters and… Continue reading The Creative Cauldron

Creative, tough, tenacious – Freya Stark

Freya Stark

Zest for life I might never have learned about Freya but for a book sale where I stumbled on her autobiography, Traveller’s Prelude 1893-1927.  It’s an astonishing document of her experiences up to her mid thirties. Freya Stark had a fascinating life. She was an explorer and wrote more than two dozen travel books about… Continue reading Creative, tough, tenacious – Freya Stark

The Creative Journey

rock paintings of ancient people, showing a hunt for wild animals

My last post about Mary Delany has made me think about creativity in general and creative block in particular. It appears that Mary, during the dark years of her first marriage, didn’t completely abandon her creativity.  When she was forced to nurse and read to her ailing husband, she continued to sew and paint, if… Continue reading The Creative Journey

Art meets craft meets science ca. 1770’s – Meet Mary Delany

Life can be hard Transport yourself back to England, early 1700’s.  You’re growing up in a fairly well-off family and getting an education, which was huge then.  You’re bright – a natural with needlework, scissor work and painting.  There’s an expectation that you will become a ‘maid of honour’ in the royal household…. but the… Continue reading Art meets craft meets science ca. 1770’s – Meet Mary Delany