Creative, tough, tenacious – Freya Stark

Freya Stark

Zest for life I might never have learned about Freya but for a book sale where I stumbled on her autobiography, Traveller’s Prelude 1893-1927.  It’s an astonishing document of her experiences up to her mid thirties. Freya Stark had a fascinating life. She was an explorer and wrote more than two dozen travel books about… Continue reading Creative, tough, tenacious – Freya Stark

The Creative Journey

rock paintings of ancient people, showing a hunt for wild animals

Creative block So what happens when creativity is ‘blocked’?   There can be many reasons:  in my case a paralytic combination of a relationship ending, financial struggle and plain old fear.  But my characters and their stories stayed in my mind.  I would re-start and quit, time after time. How does your creativity express itself?  Have… Continue reading The Creative Journey