Book cover for The Shadowed Path by Valda Stefani

The Shadowed Path

Does Jessie have the backbone to unmask a killer?

Her brother’s death has collapsed her fresh start in her home town of Winter Bay.  They were opening a café together. She knows Michael didn’t kill guide-outfitter Roger Chapman and turn the gun on himself. 

Michael’s boss Ross Hamilton also questions what happened.  His career in enforcement and conservation has taught him methodical investigative skills.  A hard-bitten loner, he finds himself confronted with a determined Jessie complete with her menagerie of misfit pets. He wonders if her generosity will extend to him…

As the snow melts and spring gradually returns to the isolated Pacific Northwest town, shocking and dangerous events force them to work together.  One question becomes apparent:

Will they survive long enough to find out who the real killer is?

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Book cover for Black Velvet by Valda Stefani

Black Velvet

A beautiful amnesiac pursued by killers…

Alayna remembers only her name, and not why she’s being hunted.

When Daniel King stops to help, she implores him for shelter till her memory returns.  As his uninvited guest, she finds herself whisked into the lap of luxury with a man who tempts every honourable instinct.  He doubts her story… until thugs try to grab her. 

Then they’re on the run,  fleeing bewildering danger.  But there’s a web of connections.  Daniel saw her at the same gala fundraiser he attended.  Then, he recognizes one of the thugs after her.  There’s a mystery at massive construction project he’s overseeing.  A missing engineer, and a missing report. 

Their attraction notches upward along with the danger level.  When her memory gradually returns, Alayna understands why she’s all wrong for Daniel.  But somehow, they must make sense of everything before they’re both killed.

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