Amnesia etc.

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Amnesia is a favourite story trope in books, movies and TV.  It has stood the test of time – there were even silent movies about memory loss! The theme has stayed popular. I don’t know whether everyone does this, but whenever I read or see a story about memory loss, I wonder how I would fare in that situation.

Somewhere along the line, my imagination kicked in and I created a romantic suspense novel based on amnesia.  Black Velvet will be released this spring.  When it’s available for pre-order, I’ll let everyone know.

I recently read Family Tree by Susan Wiggs, one of my favourite authors.  In this story, the heroine suffers a head injury.  I won’t give away the story, but it takes a long time for the memory of her former life to return.  I thought Susan Wiggs did a good job.  That type of amnesia is termed ‘organic’ or ‘post-traumatic’, caused by brain injury.

There are multiple types of amnesia, and multiple causes ranging from various diseases to physical or emotional trauma.  Intriguing cases persist in the public imagination.  That most prolific of mystery writers, Agatha Christie, suffered a possible amnesic episode in 1926.

Here another that riveted the public imagination:

The realities of true amnesia cases are complex and are explored in this non-fiction book by Dr. Lenore Terr:  Unchained Memories:  True Stories of Traumatic Memories, Lost and Found.

I for one don’t ever want to experience amnesia.  I’d rather read about it!

Do you have a favourite book or movie about memory loss?  If so, send me a note and I’ll post a list of favourites.